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Monday, December 21, 2009


This piece is in response to Michael Goodwin article in the Sunday NY Post 12/20/09:

Is Michael Goodwin on to something, are we being led down the path of

extremism by political leaders, and a portion of the voting public that has

everything to gain, and nothing to lose? I too, am a "baby boomer" and have come to

realize what's happening to our country is the de-evolution of all the high ideals,

and expectations that were considered necessary values to a greater society. On the

surface today's generation of activists profess those same qualities. Not so fast,

there is one vital ingredient missing, integrity. As Goodwin proclaims, "Notice how

little Obama talks about sick people or medicine or suffering or any of the realities

of illness and death". The moral dimension Obama speaks of is not about people,

it's always about money, about how Harry Reid bribed Ben Nelson with $100 million

for his vote. When one needs to take extreme measures to institute practical

policies something isn't kosher. Buying votes doesn't require high ethical values,

it requires extreme corruption.

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