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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama's campaign rhetoric.......

I can hardly wait to hear Obama's delusional rhetoric about how he's going to make
us all better off than we were during the previous administration...One year later
and trillions spent on special political bargains that hasn't created a green industry, or anything else that has made a dent in the unemployment rate.
What has changed for the better is the democrats lose of Ted Kennedy's throne in
Massachusetts ending a year long debacle in congress by the likes of Pelosi and Reid.
Now the ever morphing Obama has been hit by the lightening of reason and in his endearing way has gone from FDR to Reagan in an instant.
What will we hear in his first State of the Union will be how hard he has worked to
overcome the excesses of the Bush Administation and in doing so has misread the will
of the people, as if he has no will of his own. How after millions of people have lost their jobs and homes Obama finally gets it. To little to late.............
Again we will hear his soaring oratory about him fighting for the little guy while
padding big business and government programs at the taxpayers expense. Obama's
elitist socialist agenda is out of step with the national interest.

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