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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Angel of Calcutta.......

Beyond human comprehension, or for that matter any logic or rationale, Anthony Malkin's refusal

to honor one of the greatest women to pass this way within the last 100 years shows a flaw among those

who feel that their morality is what the world is built on. Mother Teresa of Calcutta is the essence of the

selflessness we as human beings should forever strive for, it's what makes us give our own lives to save others

from harm, or even death. Mr Malkin should be ashamed of his lack of character with the false statements made to

the press regarding honoring her life at the Empire State Building. How is it any different than honoring

NASCAR, Mariah Carey and the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Revolution.
The building has honored a Cardinal, O'Connor a Pope, and every year notes the

birth of the Rev.
Martin Luther King Jr. Another disgrace by a so called elitist. Mother Teresa the

Angel of Calcutta," opened the first
US chapter of her Missionaries of Charity order in the South Bronx and founded the

first AIDS hospice in Greenwich
Village. What a low sense of respect for human dignity. New York has become a disgrace......

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