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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Integrity of Our Institutions.........

the ethics committee investigating Charles Rangel took nearly two years to complete and
issue a statement that Mr. Rangel had indeed acted in an unethical manner at least 13 times.
13 times, not twice, or even five times, but a whopping 13 times. this man is a disgrace to
the people and very Institution he has served for himself. now not a day afer the committees findings we hear the outrageous statement of a reprimand, the mildest form of punishment for such serious charges. if Charles Rangel had even the slightest amount of self respect he'd step down and collect his government pension. i for one wouldn't count on it....
now on the heals of the Rangel investigation comes yet another powerful democrat who chairs the financial committee, Maxine Waters of California. Does anyone in Washington know,
or care about ethics....appparently not! Sure as hell the CBC doesn't either.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rangel's Day of Judgement..........

Rangel shouldn't be complaining, he's nearly single-handedly run roughshod over the

Harlem community for decades.

That Rangel treated the voters with his sense of entitlement was totally unbecoming

of a senior member of Congress.

If Rangel had the smallest amount of self-respect he would retire and save the

taxpayers' grief and money.

Theodore Miraldi

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do Nothing Feds......NY Post Opinion 7/10/10

* Why is the federal government challenging a law it enacted against illegal immigration?

The Justice Department's suing Arizona over a law it is legally responsible to enforce is just another game of smoke and mirrors by the Obama administration.

Arizona repeatedly asked for federal help for years regarding the flow of approximately 450,000 illegals to Arizona.

What is perplexing is that this is the government's duty as mandated in the Constitution.

It's the federal government that should be getting sued for arbitrarily deciding to turn a deaf ear to Arizona's requests for help.

This is a matter of national security, yet the Obama administration just wants play another game of appeasement.

Theodore Miraldi

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eric Holder...the Attorney General Who Shouldn't......

What would possess a man who is responsible to this nation to uphold law and

order, sue the State of Arizona? Politics, pure and simple! What Holder and company

may be facing is the biggest gaffe yet by the Obama Injustice Department. There are

serious Constitutional questions that will need to be answered before team Obama

walks away with a win. This suit may be in clear violation of the 10th. and 11th

Amendments. It would seem that this administration is working in conjunction to the

will of the Mexican government, and the yet to be establish World Order of Powerful

Financial Institutions that are making much ado about already existing Federal

immigration law. On the surface this suit is laughable. Who in their right mind

would condone Drug Cartels running our borders and killing our citizens. This very

well may be a treasonable offense by this administration.Washington is not doing the

duty it has been chargeed with in our Constitution....sealing and protecting our

borders.Nearly a 1/2 a million illegal Mexicans now reside in Arizona, or should we

say "Little Mexico".

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lawless Labor Lost: Another Cabinet Failure...

NY Post 7/1/2010

Michele Malkin's column on Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is another exposé of the socialist dogma that runs through the Obama administration ("Disolving the Border," PostOpinion, June 26).

How is it possible that a labor secretary could promote illegal immigration while employed as a public servant for the common good of all American citizens?

Solis has championed an open-border policy that would essentially annex the southern portion of this nation to Mexico.

Solis and her private little war against our nation's immigration laws shows where her true alliances are centered.

Hilda Solis
Anyone can call themselves an American, but that doesn't automatically make them a legal citizen.

Theodore Miraldi

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