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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Iman Becomes our Newest Diplomat.........

ripped from the pages of the New York Post the very same Iman who wishes to antagonize

the population of NYC has now miraculously become a Diplomat for the State Dept. Along with

his new credentials he will be on a month long journey to the Middle East explaining to

majority Muslim communities how to get along a little better. let me just review, your

taxpayer dime is paying for a man who with the help of the Obama administration will try

to teach communities on the other side of the world how to act. i would suggest if i may, in

trying to teach the Obama administration and Secretatry of State Clinton to keep their noses

out of local, State issues. the majority of New Yorkers are opposed to a Mosque and community

center just blocks away from the World Trade Center site. This administrations agenda is all

about fulfilling their own idealistic muses instead of protection the citizens of this

nation. the faster this bunch of pretenders are gone the better.

And for those who don't know, Tarp was inacted by the Bush adminstration to bail out

the banks, which may i add have been turning a handsome profit for the government. name just

one policy by Obama that's doing the same.

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