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Friday, January 28, 2011

Fires of Freedom Burning in Egypt.........

We may be experiencing an enormous phenomenon in the Middle East with no less than three

authoritative governments under seige by those they govern. Egypt, one of the richest cultures

in history may be making a move to become a real democracy. With a literacy rate approximately

54% of the polulation,  Egyptians are now tired of being told what, and what not to do, and living

in poverty to boot. In a modern world where technology have made us all part of a global family

the Egyptian people are now revolting, as in Yemen, Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco and Algeria. People

who have lived by the sword are sick and tired of living below their expectations because of

education. So I say let Freedom ring loud and clear and bring Freedon where it has never existed


theodore miraldi   1/28/2011

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