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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is The "American Dream" on the Verge of Collapse?

   Again innocent life taken over political divides that are tearing this nation apart. As a Boomer I might
have seen the last bastion of an "American Dream" that was mostly available to all. Our lives intermingled
within our communities, now we've become a nation of strangers. The intergration of a common belief system was the glue that kept the fabric of this nation together, our differences are now a rallying call for
civil disobedience, work slowdowns, and unions bullying their way regardless of the harm it does to the very public they serve. Daily syndicated stories of corruption from the highest levels of public and private institutions are common-place, and we turn a deaf ear. No matter what anyone tells you, or any column
our prestigeous pundants observe, it's ok to say, "we've had enough" of the senseless violence and unlawful
disobedience that seems to permeate our new social strata. As human beings we all have the same hopes and dreams for ourselves, and our families. Spinning the terrible act in Arizona for political gain is nothing more than the proof of an illness that has infected our nation. Praise your creator, love your family and nation. But most of all, never be affraid to stand up for what's is right.

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