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Monday, June 6, 2011

An NAACP-UFT lawsuit against plans for charters to share space with other schools.

("For Shame, NAACP," PostOpinion, June 3)

My response to Editorial NYPost 6/6/2011...

The betrayal on education by the NAACP is a sellout to the UFT's failed system of "one-sized education fits all."

Giving our children the tools to compete should be the only consideration by those who say they care.

Charter schools have given hope to many children who would otherwise have been lost in the sea of outdated methods and poor teacher performance.

The NAACP's stand on this issue wipes away the years of improvement and credibility by those who have fought for quality education since Brown v. Board of Education.

It's a simple issue of priorities when educators are compelled to knuckle under to unions and ill-guided organizations.

Theodore Miraldi

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