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Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York passes same-sex marriage.....

      I'm all for equal rights, couples regardless of sex should under the law be treated equally, it's

the right we all enjoy through our Constitution with no exclusions. This entire issue has been

blown out of proportion by a single word, "marriage." For to long this nation has gotten its arm

twisted by a multitude of sub-cultures that say they want what everyone else does, but do little in

proving it so. A more rational approach would have meant fewer tantrums by the gay community

if equal rights were all they were trying to acheive. But as any rational mind could surmise, equal

rights by the law was not the only agenda. There was a far more serious issue at stake, it's called

lifestyle, and being able to act out that lifestyle in full ragalia is what seems as important as

the equality issue. By attacking the institution of "marriage" the gay community has struck a blow

for deviance within our social narrative. This is what i fear gives them pride. Time will only tell

what road this sets upon our times, or the impending consequences we must travel as a people.

theodore miraldi

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