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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Breaking down the political dialog.......

     for too long now the dialog directing our sense of understanding has taken a major downturn. Often
used terms like, "right-wing extremism", or "liberal progressives" have become more meaningful
then common sense and united purpose. On greater issues facing this nation there should only be
one side, what's best for our nation.
     the political discourse has been driven by minority issues for so long, that the most vital fundamentals
of governmental process has been assigned to relic status. no longer is policy determined by simple rules
that demand value from revenue, and efficiency for process.
     running the government with a credit card works no more effectively then living in personal debt,
as both nation and individual are facing the same calamity.
     it would serve us all, individually, and as a nation to be more cognizent of what could lie ahead,
the destruction of our integrity....

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