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Sunday, September 11, 2011

One of the lucky ones on 9/11/2001.....

      as usual my day started early on 9/11/2001. my normal routine was being an escort at an outreach office

in the North Tower's lower level for Project Renewal. But on this particular day i was working on Catherine

street, maybe 5 blocks from the WTC for a democratic primary election. i had sent someone else in my

place that morning. little did i know what would unfold before my eyes, or the horror afterwards not knowing

whether i had sent someone to their death.

     the first alert that something had happened at the North Tower came over a police radio, so i immediately

went outside to see the upper part of the tower smoldering, at first, accounts where speculative regarding

what had actually happened, finally the news of a plane crashing into the North Tower was revealed, at first

no mention of a terrorist attack was reported, after all it was highly possible for a plane to have veered off

course and crash into either Tower. Crowds began to gather on Catherine street which gave everyone a

clear sight of the WTC. What was curious was the silence, as all eyes were intensely focused at what was


     Traffic began to get frenzied as emergency vehicles started weaving their way to the site. i got into the

street and started directing cars trying to open up access lanes as best as i could. Within minutes police had

taken over the flow of traffic, so i resumed my watch hanging on to a chain link fence watching yet, another

horror unfold as the second plane hit the South Tower. i was frozen in time staring at the enormous glittering

hole ripped in the building by the plane. my heart sank, it was all so surreal. i couldn't be sure in my mind this

was actually happening. the polling site was closed so i started to make my way uptown keeping an eye on

the Towers as i walked. Watch happened next shattered my confidence of safety, the North Tower where i

had worked had fallen.

    all the while i couldn't stop think about my friend Brad who had taken my place that morning and the

numerous friends that might have perished.

    i was one of the lucky ones....

PS...Brad was safe as well!

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