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Monday, September 19, 2011

The UN Folly.....

Let the Israeli bashing begin, Let's face it, this new Palestinian folly is nothing more than a new push to

illiminate Israel by force. With the mideast struggling with violence on numerous fronts because of a

so-called push to democracy, most arabs  hate Israel and the West. And as the PLO,

Hamas, and its sister organization the Muslim Brotherhood know the Obama administration is careless

with word and deed. After all, it was Obama's  declaration in stupidity  that a new member being

admitted  to the UN in the coming year would be a Palestinian State. Thinking that world opinion is now

in their favor, and a weak American foreign policy struggles making the hard choices, the time is right to

wave the flames of dissent against the Israeli state. Make no mistake, this ongoing narrative is going to lead

 to violence as the rest of the world allows  ignorance and hate take their seats at the UN this week.

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