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Thursday, October 27, 2011

putting your money where your mouth is.......

after watching a heated debate on one of the many liberal Public Broadcasting networks it struck me

that all the naysayers of prudent public policy don't have deep pockets at all. Mort Zuckerman put

Obama's effectiveness as a leader right where it belongs. " Here's an administration that had both

Houses of Congress, and the Oval office and didn't even try to solve any of the long term problems

facing this nation Most notable the long term deficit. So dyfunctional are these democrats, that even

with an overwhelming majority they

could do nothing but bicker in their medoicrity and blame the former administration for everything.

theodore miraldi

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The American Spring......

what exactly is behind protesters demands of Occupy Wall street? Let's see, jobs, retribution, jobs, partying, fair government, jobs, sex, drugs, jobs, playing bongos in public, and last but not least
Draconian regulations that guarantee the distribution of wealth to the 50% of Americans who don't
pay any taxes. hold-on, one more; changing the world for whom?
here's the way i see it, you bet, protest that our lives have gotten considerably worse since obama has
taken office. protest the government using your money to bailout the fat cats, while creating not a single
verifiable job outside the public sector. raise hell about the 9.1% unemployment rate that's destroying
the "American Dream." throw in the criminal like bipartisanship that has crippled our system and nearly
defaulting on our debt. But why cripple the financial system that supplies you with your iphones, tweets
and a better way of life. somebody say something important, give us a plan. or, is this just another bunch
of malcontents who can define problems, and have no real answers.

 please don't be fooled by the same promises you heard in 2008!

theodore miraldi

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Solyndra...taking the "Fifth"

     As everyone knows evoking the "Fifth" usually means you have something to hide, and doing it before Congress

means you're probably hiding something really big. This entire episode entangling campaign contributions to

Obama, and favored status for stimulus loan guarantees reeks of corruption at the highest levels of government.

What this nation has to lose is far greater than the $535 million solar burnout of Solyndra, what it loses may never be restored, the

trust that government will guarantee the public gets a fair shake for its buck. After all, this president rode his horse into office

pledging that trust!

theodore miraldi