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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Supercommittee's plan to failure.......

 Compliments to Bloomberg for stating the obvious. Stacking the committee with progressives on the

left, and avid anti-federalists on the right guaranteed this nation that Washington continues to work for it's own

 self interests, and not a nation teetering on financial collapse. The defeat of the Balanced Budget Amendment

in Congress should have been a fore warning of the committees impending failure. Both sides of the aisle have

made a mockery of our political process....again.

theodore miraldi

Friday, November 25, 2011

“Greasing the Solar Skids,” Editorial, Nov. 19 NYPost

My Response to Editorial:

The Issue: A $1.4 billion federal loan guarantee for a “green jobs” firm linked to Robert Kennedy Jr.
If this isn’t cronyism at its worst, what is (“Greasing the Solar Skids,” Editorial, Nov. 19)?
President Obama’s modus operandi seems to be giving away taxpayer dollars without hope of success. And his affixing the name of Robert Kennedy Jr. to another solar flare-up is just one more example of Obama’s lack of integrity.
These are the very elements of character that American voters seem to be overlooking at the ballot box.
The duplicity between the US Department of Energy and former VantagePoint official Sanjay Wagle raises the stink level to 10.
Now that Obama’s dirty dealing has put the BrightSource spotlight on one of America’s “royal family” members, it’s time for another investigation.
Theodore Miraldi

Robert Kennedy Jr.
                                                                   Robert Kennedy
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving note....11/24/2011

         THANKS IN GIVING....

measure of man, the terms universal,

one giving of love, for those of us to learn.

souls wander in search of fulfillment,

an open hand, a tear, a cherished moment.

for those who give with unselfish deed,

those larger than life itself, and who serve so tender.

are few so blessed, or humbled by need.

theodore miraldi