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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holder's Justice........12/3/2011

  It's time for a Special Prosecutor, and the time is now!  As a Congressional investigation continues to find  evidence implicating the Justice Department

  a major international scandal has been born. Recent confirmation of Holder's prior knowledge by email of  "Fast and Furious" leaves no doubt of the Attorney General's participation.

 If justice were to be served, Holder would have stopped it before it began.  What can the American Public expect from an ACLU type of justice running roughshod over the Constitution.

In the Justice Department's efforts to prove a vast cache of US weapons are crossing the borde,r and sold by unscrupulous gun dealers, this administrations efforts to water down the

Second Amendment with stricter gun control may have backfired. Holder's Justice is being found to be inept and duplicitous in an illegal, and immoral operation on foreign soil.

Hence the obstruction of justice from the top down.

theodore miraldi

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