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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Corzine, Obama money connection...

     As democrats, and the media suffer from severe memory loss regarding the

IMF meltdown, and Jon Corzine's personal connections with Obama's introduction

on the national political scene, this very rich, ex-Governor, and disgraced CEO is

still bundling campaign cash for our ethically challenged president.

    While offering campaign speeches regarding class inequities, and creating hatred among those who

perceive government as their provider on the backs of hard working taxpayers, this president

accepts cash from a rich democrat who just happened to misplace 1.2 billion dollars from IMF

investor's.  Obama's own words,  Corzine was his “go-to guy” for financial advice after he

entered the White  House. Does anyone see the similarities between these two men?

theodore miraldi

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