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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Holder in Contempt of America...

     As Attorney General Eric Holder  slithers across the Congressional

floor trying to avoid perjuring himself yet again, the truth about "Fast & Furious" is being

obstructed by those we expect to uphold the law. The real truth regarding this issue

is Holder, and his appointees are trying to blame violent crimes in the inner cities to

 illegal gun sales, de-emphasizing the lack of responsibility by the leaders of these

communities to police their own constituents. These communities breed criminal

behaviors. Linking illegal gun sales to Mexico is just a convolusion of logic that

permeates this administration from the top down. This is a broadside at our Second

Amendment rights by the left. Holder's contempt is directed at our Constitution, and should

be cited as such.

theodore miraldi

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