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Monday, March 5, 2012

Nation of Individuals?

 No longer a "nation of individuals" affirmative action, and preferred group

status has had a sobering effect throughout this nation's social strata. Albeit,

there have been gains by those who profited from race, but at what cost to those

who have been excluded because of this experiment in social engineering. Those

same groups with special status still rank below national averages in what has been called

the "dumbing down of America." The flirtation with diversity for diversity's sake has by

in large created a nation of strangers, each separate group now vying for power, and

resources that only those with merit truly deserve. This laissez-faire attitude that promotes

those because of race has outlived it's usefulness. Living up to one's potential is about

personal responsibility, not government mandates.

theodore miraldi

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