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Monday, March 26, 2012

Supreme Court Hears Obama-Care.....

     After two years of fierce debate Obama-Care finally goes to the Supreme Court to hear challenges by 26 states regarding

the law's mandate by the government that everyone be forced to buy health insurance. This historic case would fundamentally

change the balance of power giving the government the power to force citizens to buy anything it may deem necessary.

The bill, if not struck down looms large in the battle of state and individual rights granted in the Constitution. Not only does

it reject the intent of the commerce clause, but it sets in motion federal mandates on just about everything. At a time when

individual liberties have been under attack the democrats and the president, the so-called party for the individual has taken

away your right to choose. This bill must be struck down! How can we forget the actions of the Senate voting in the middle

of the night for a bill it had to pass just to read what it said. This collusive process is un-american and driven by special

interest without the support of the public. We are still waiting for Justice Kagan to recuse herself because of a conflict of interest as well.

Let's get this right!

theodore miraldi 

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