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Friday, March 2, 2012

Whitehouse Document Scandal......3/2/2012

After a relatively quiet 6 month criminal investigation by Arizona's Sheriff Apaio regarding the legitimacy of Obama's, long

form, live birth certificate that was uploaded from a source outside of the Whitehouse, and onto the official Whitehouse

webpage, it has been determined the document is a fraud. The forensics on the document proves there are enough

inconsistencies to warrant a further more detailed, criminal investigation. Arpaio's Cold Posse found more then expected,

Obama's Selective Service registration card has also been proven to be a forged document as well. So one might still be

skeptical, there's more! Passenger manifests from oversea travel to Hawaii were asked for and were no longer available

for flights in and around the date of Obama's birth. So Arpaio requested micro-film from the National Archives where

hundreds of thousands of micro-film rolls were still available, and guess what somehow with all of that micro-film, the

dates around Obama's birth were missing. No this isn't a treatment for a new movie, these are the facts. One might then

surmise that this has been a well orchestrated document eradication. Now the picture begins to make sense. Obama's sealing

of all records regarding his past wasn't about privacy, it was always about usurping government vetting regarding his

eligibility to run for President. Now it becomes clear why he has spent millions of dollars to defraud you, the people of this

great nation and our legal systems. The arrogance of a Chicago thug who refused to wear a pin of our flag now holds the

most powerful position in the world. Rise up America and throw this criminal, and his thug friends out! The Presidency

has officially become a criminal enterprise.

theodore miraldi

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