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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Calls Escalate for Presidential Debate Aimed at Minorities...

   And the race baiting continues....this is how I see it, this is America, we speak English, at least the great majority does. Presidential debates are not about minority issues, sorry but most of us are somewhat fed-up with the lagging minorities chatter regarding not hearing their issues.
   So I suggest that being the Chinese are now the largest segment of our new immigrants that the debates be held in Chinese as well, and let's not forget the Eastern Europeans, Muslims and so on and so forth. Stop crying, get and education in English and join the greater community of Americans who aren't trying to change this country into some impoverished wasteland.
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By Amy Chozick
   The calls for an additional presidential debate moderated by (and aimed at) minorities escalated on Friday.
   Ralph B. Everett, the chief executive of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a research and analysis center that focuses on the socioeconomic status of blacks and other minorities, sent a letter to Janet H. Brown, executive director of the Commission on Presidential Debates. He urged her to reconsider the commission’s rejection of a plea by Univision to stage a presidential debate moderated by its own Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena, or another host of Hispanic origin.
   “It has long been the practice of the television industry to avoid placing people of color in front of the camera,” Mr. Everett wrote. He said he hoped the commission would embrace Univision’s proposal “by adding more debates to the calendar.”
   On Wednesday evening Mr. Ramos used the nightly Univision newscast to invite President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney to participate in a “forum” on the Spanish-language network.
“We ask it to reconsider its decision to deny Univision’s request for a forum to be hosted by two of the nation’s most respected journalists,” Mr. Everett said in his letter.
Ms. Brown was not immediately available to comment on the letter.
   A large portion of Hispanic viewers gets its news exclusively from Spanish language television and radio. Mr. Everett ticked off data points in his letter as evidence that minorities need the candidates to address issues of pressing importance to them. While the nation’s overall employment rate was 8.3 percent in July, the rates for African Americans and Hispanics was 14.1 percent and 10.3 percent, respectively.


    1. As a conservative, I am all for it! Mitt will help all Americans who have been short changed by the Obama administration, and that's all of us other than a few of his biggest contributors.

      1. If you've hadn't noticed during the Republican debates their were people of color as moderators. Presidential debates are mostly about the overall state of our nation and not specific minority issues. I believe i've stated my position clearly in the blog. maybe you're in the wrong arena...