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Monday, August 6, 2012

Jackie Mason rips Obama for not visiting Israel

   In a radio interview today, comic legend Jackie Mason slammed President Obama for his campaign’s recent announcement of a potential second term to visit Israel, asking “Did he just buy a map a week ago?”
Mason, who bills himself as “The Ultimate Jew,” took issue with Obama failing to visit Israel during his first term despite overwhelming Jewish support for his 2008 presidential election.
   Mason was speaking today on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio.
Stated Mason: “What I would like to know is this: Why does it take five years to find out that Israel is there? Did he just buy a map a week ago? He didn’t know that Israel exists until two hours ago?”
   The stand up continued: “Can someone answer this question? The Jews gave him 78 percent of their vote. They went everywhere to help him but he can’t go across the street to help them? He is in Egypt and in Lebanon and every country around there within a block and a half of Israel. And he couldn’t cross the street to say hello to them?”
   Mason said the Obama campaign’s announcement last week of a second term visit to Israel sends a message to Jewish voters that “they don’t deserve [a visit] unless they send him another 78 million dollars and give them another 78 percent of the vote.”
   The campaign announced that potential visit amid heavy GOP criticism for the president’s not going to the Jewish state during his first term.
As a presidential candidate, Obama visited Israel in July 2008.
   In 2009, Obama addressed the Arab world from Egypt and then traveled to Saudi Arabia but did not stop in Israel during his only Mideast tour as president.

   Mitt Romney visited Israel last week.

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