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Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Nov.6, 2012 really means.......

My friends, the situation we have before us is in part our own faults. Weakened by long wars and the constant banter
of the left telling those of us weakened by the onslaught of derogatory press for nearly 8 years regarding Bush.
   Like locusts they devoured our spirit and will to fight back creating a need for something new, not necessarily better. The last 4 years have been a well orchestrated attempt to change the very nature of this great Republic, by a man with no history, and our foolishness, and kindness allowed this charlatan into our homes.
    His fundamental change started long before the housing meltdown, but in small community banks that were threatened with Federal law suits by the likes of Barack Obama if mortgages weren't given to those who could not afford the payments. Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae were the catalyst to the financial demise of our economy. and the democrats were at the helm. Just ask Barney Frank.
   Yet after the trillions of dollars wasted and the utter arrogance of the Obama's spending sprees while telling the rest of us help is on the way, should be punishable by law.
    The willful intention to use our tax-dollars to live the celebrity life is nothing less than disgusting to all fair minded individuals. While 23 million people can't pay their bills or mortgages the Obama's take million dollars vacations on your money.
   From a moral paradigm that would be theft. Let's keep this election on the facts, and put our trusts once again in God's merciful hands, and this Republic will rise again. Vote Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to Restore America.
theodore miraldi

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