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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Editorial...

 theodore miraldi
 It's about time the public sees the Fiscal Cliff chaos as it really
is. Through all the slim tactics being used by the democrats such as,
"it's Congress that isn't willing to negotiate."
   People need to understand basic
Federal government functions. Congress means both the Senate and the
House of Representatives.
Harry Reid's inane remarks should service any ones
need to understand what is really taking place.
   The problem with the economy
as witnessed by the European Union's woes is that government has an obligation
to submit to the public a budget that does not exceed revenues. This administration
has broken the piggy bank with its excessive spending. This is a problem created by
Obama and his party promising to make discretionary spending cuts for the House's
approval of raising the debt ceiling nearly 2 years ago.
The nefarious methods used
by the Senate hasn't passed a budget in 4 years. Why isn't the public outraged
by Obama and Reid's total lack of leadership on such an important issue? Winning back
the House is more important to the democrats then creating jobs, or acting with any
sense of duty that every public servant must employ.
It's time to stop playing games with
the stability of our nation by dividing, and conquering. This is Obama's economy, now fix it!

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