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Monday, December 31, 2012

Republican's cut Taxes, not Democrats.


   All of this talk about the Obama Administrations concerns for the middle class taxpayers is no more than BS.
The reason there is a tax cut at all, is because of the Bush Administration in 2001. 
   Obama and the Democrats are trying to sell the folly that democrats are working for them. Don't be surprised that going over the Cliff could be the best thing that could happen for the nation.
  Let Republicans throw this thing right back to Obama, and when the new Congress resumes, fashion a new tax cut just the way Republicans fashioned the one all taxpayers have benefited from since 2001 making it retro-active 1/1/2013.
  Obama is either a fool, or knows so little about fashioning a fair and balanced bill that he'll say just about anything.
Let him fall on his sword, and quickly taxpayers will remember the BUSH TAX CUTS for the middle class! And still
no deficit cuts!

theodore miraldi

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