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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unions are the problem, not the solution....


   Another oxymoron to the liberal mantra takes place in Michigan where union supports are threatening violence over  newly passed legislation making the State, a Right to Work State.
   Unions and their corrupt member and officials have been forcing people to join unions , or forgo working. Doesn't sound very democratic to me. Giving workers a choice not to join a union who seem to go against everything this country stands for.
    It's a fact that unions drive up prices from everything from autos to food. Using their powers to force political issues that favor them alone is plain corruption.
   No-one has the right to demand that anyone join a union, giving people a choice is only the fair and just way to operate.
Not so with union members who inflate wages for jobs with little, or no skill levels. Fact, Right to work States are digging
their way out of deficits by curtailing union bullying.
theodore miraldi 

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