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Monday, March 25, 2013

Iran confirms secret nuclear 'Quds' site

Images lead experts to warn Tehran may have bomb sooner than expected


byReza Kahlili

A WND report on March 20 and a follow-up in the Washington Times the next day revealed that Iranian scientists are trying to perfect nuclear warheads at the underground site, which is unknown to the West. The coordinates to this vast site and detailed information about the regime’s secret operation were provided to WND by a high-ranking Iranian intelligence officer assigned to the Ministry of Defense.
Golpanews, which is associated with the Defense Ministry and is managed by Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammadi-Golpayegani, who heads the office of the supreme leader, published an article on Saturday under the headline, “New claim by America about revelation of Quds secret nuclear facility in Iran.”
The article quotes the information that appeared on WND: Satellite images reveal the existence of the secret Quds site, indicating Iran, with North Korean help, clearly crossed the red line and is in the final stage of arming its missiles with nuclear warheads; and Iran not only has made great progress in enriching uranium to weapons grade, but also has succeeded in converting the highly enriched uranium to metal, a key step in making nuclear warheads.
Although Golpanews calls the revelation the “West’s imaginary stories on Iran’s nuclear activities,” the report verifies the site by stating, “It is clear that the claim by anti-revolutionaries about the existence of the secret nuclear site, Quds, if correct, is nothing more than the situation with the Parchin site and that the Islamic Republic, based on its international obligations, is only after the science of enrichment and the usage for peaceful nuclear energy.”
The International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly requested inspection of the Parchin military site, where it is believed the regime has tested nuclear bomb components. The regime replied that military sites are off-limits and has stonewalled the IAEA for over a year while satellite images show a great effort to clean up the area.
Golpanews, with its connection to the highest levels of the Iranian government, is laying the groundwork for calling Quds a military site and therefore not accessible for inspection by the IAEA.

Shahab 3 missile

Also yesterday, Mashregh News, which is run by the Revolutionary Guards, bragged about Iran’s missile might and how missiles will rain down on Israel. Mashregh inadvertently revealed images of mobile missile-launching vehicles for the upgraded Shahab 3 missile, which explains the missile depots and garages at the secret Quds site. Hundreds of these mobile vehicles can launch ballistic missiles concurrently at any one target.
Quds consists of three facilities:
  • The first is where the regime’s scientists are enriching uranium to weapons grade. They already have enough plutonium for several bombs and are in the last stage of putting together a nuclear warhead. This site is called “Quds” after Jerusalem, as they believe soon Israel will be destroyed and Jerusalem restored to Muslim rule.
  • The second, which makes missile warheads, is dubbed “Marty Mughniyah” after the Hezbollah terrorist who, under the command of the regime, conducted multiple terrorist acts that killed hundreds of Americans and Israelis.
  • The third facility is a vast site that houses over 380 missile depots and launching pad.