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Monday, March 18, 2013

The "Fair & Balanced" Bull

   Maybe I'm a little slow, so here's what I need to know about Obama's Cliche. Is it Fair & Balanced
that over 20 million people are out of work, or realistically 14% of the population, and our illustrious leader spends over a million dollars to play golf. Is it FABA that approx. 10% of the population supplies the government with approx. 70% of the revenues.
   Is it FABA that this president has taken over 20 vacations on four years, and those who lost their homes because of Sandy are living in tents.
   Is it FABA that the Federal Government doesn't obey the law, and we are prosecuted at the drop of a dime. Is it FABA that Obama campaigns using Air Force One costing us $750K every time the start the engines.
   Is it FABA that the Sequester effects school children and not Federal waste, or college tuition for vets instead of Obama's partying through the night at the White House.
   This is what is FABA to me, every one who lives in this nation should have some skin in the game excluding Senior Citizens who have contributed most of their lives.
   Defund the Affordable Care Act and FIX Medicare, and Medicaid. Cut government programs that help no-one in this great time of need. Create jobs by lowering the Corporate Income Tax and new Obama Regulations that hinder growth.
   Built the damn Pipeline already, so we can in the near future exit the Middle East forever. And, where's the Trillion dollars set aside for all of those shovel ready jobs.
   And lst and most importantly, tell the media to report the news and not the rhetoric that cover up the scandals that are bring down this administration.
   We have had enough of Obama and his Chicago style corruption stealing our nation right under our noses.

theodore miraldi

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