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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Immigration.....skilled workers ONLY!

   I,  for one am tired of all the fuss on the Hill regarding giving the 11 million or so illegals a path
to citizenship. As we all know this is a purely political band-aid to gain votes.
  Does it make this a smarter and more stable nation, absolutely not! Allowing people to run across your borders and give birth to children who immediately become citizens is a ruse by those who have no concern about breaking the law to get here.
   For the most part these are the poor and uneducated who in many cases become dependent on the kindness of the American public. I say enough!
   This nation has been forged by laws that all must follow and respect whether we disagree at times. To knowingly break the law and expect to stay here is an insult to our way of life.
   An insult to those who come legally and are still waiting in line. There is no talk about allowing skilled workers from nations like India, or Britain to upgrade our workforce.
   Only those crossing our southern borders in an invasion of our country by millions of unskilled workers. Stop the madness at the border first before any immigration reform moves ahead.
   First, get an accounting of all illegals now here. Reform Immigration so that no-one can get any government assistance for 10 years, no food stamps, housing and such.
   American charity needs to start at home. Stop giving our hard earned money to people who hate us and break our laws!

theodore miraldi

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