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Friday, April 26, 2013

Making It Easy For Terrorists to Destroy America

by Marilyn Assenheim

Most people are aware of the travesty occurring in the wake of 9/11. This refers, of course, to the farce that was the 9/11 hearings. The finger pointing and blame of agencies that were prevented from sharing information with each other, by law, were endless.
Management, directly responsible for many of the snafus, had unquestionable conflicts of interest, like Jamie Gorelick, counsel for Saudi Prince Mohammed al-Faisal against 9/11 families, yet served as adjudicators on the 9/11 panel.
Doris Meissner, Immigration and Naturalization Service commissioner was hired during the Clinton administration (1993-2000). She lied repeatedly to the commission. She’d said immigration inspectors had “always [had] the authority to deny immigration.” This was a bald-faced lie. Inspectors were specifically instructed not to check foreign work and residency records.
Under her leadership, INS employees were given orders to ignore established criteria and grant blanket immigration status. They were to ignore violations against student visas. The saying among those employed by the INS was: “until the INS changes from a service-minded agency to an enforcement-minded agency” nothing will change. If anything, management’s handling of immigration violation has become even more lax. It is crucial to note that they all got a free pass. No one, in the INS or elsewhere, was ever called to account for 9/11. Not a single job was lost.
Recollections would not be complete without mentioning Mohammad Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi. Mohammed Atta, a Saudi national (reputedly linked to the Saudi royal family), and Al-Shehhi from the UAE. These were the two jihadists that brought down the World Trade Center.
They bear remembering not only because both terrorists entered the country, unhindered, on student visas but, because six months after committing the worst terrorist act in American history and dying in the process, both had their permanent immigration to the United States approved.
If the negligence of immigration enforcement was terrifying then, the situation has become an order of magnitude worse during ensuing years. Obama has upped the ante. Ever the Islamaphile, he has perpetrated such dubious if not treasonous acts as lying about the murder of our ambassador to Libya, arming our Islamic enemies while cutting our own military and denying that any terrorist acts carried out by Muslims on American soil or off of it are anything but isolated incidents or justifiable anger.
Useful idiots are mystified as to why radicalization occurs in young men and women born here or that have spent considerable time in America. The Tsarnaev brothers did not require strong links with their native Chechnya in order to make war on America. They learned to despise America in Massachusetts at a local mosque just like many of the people that get “educated” there. There is no recognition of the fact that most jihadists are not poor but are the educated products of middle and upper class families, some born in the countries in which they commit terrorist acts.
Islamic immigration is not limited to Saudi Arabian students. The census bureau states that Middle Eastern immigration is one of “the fastest growing populations in the United States.” They define “Middle Eastern” as peoples from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Turkey, the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and Arab North Africa. Immigration figures, from the Center for Immigration Services, estimated that almost 900,000 immigrants had come to America in 2009 (the last study available).
Islamic peoples are flocking to the Great Satan. Why? That’s a question Obama and Company don’t want us to ask.

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