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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Terror by any other name....

   As the Obama administration continues to convolute terms that paint the Muslim community
as not responsible for the numerous terrorists attacks around the world, the carnage continues. 
   Coming up with catchy phrases and innocuous labels that defer the truth. The fact remains that almost all of the horror being perpetrated against civilians since the Munich Olympics have been committed by Muslims.
   As unfortunate as it may be, the ideology itself gives birth to terror. It is not by any other means that innocent men, women and children are being murdered throughout the world for no other reason then hate.
   Hate being taught by a religion of division, that views all non-believers as the enemy to its
existence. So, as we look back at the atrocity committed in Boston, and view the loss of life in other
places around the world make no mistake of its origins. 
   Anyone who is so blind as not to see the truth continues enabling murder.

theodore miraldi

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