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Sunday, April 28, 2013

United in purpose...

   European Americans have forged this mighty Republic with some simple inalienable truths. Common belief systems and a fierce independence that has made this Nation the envy of the world.     
   For over 237 years we've worked together, in the Halls of Congress, and communities to guarantee equality, and the right to pursue one's dreams on their own terms. There was no magic formula, but hard work and love of this nation.
   Where have we gone astray when foreign populations start demanding equal justice by breaking the laws that keep the nation one under God, united in purpose, and an overwhelming desire to sacrifice so the least amongst us get the help they need.
   What we have been faced with, plain and simple is the Hubris of other nations trying to change the very cultural beliefs that worked to create the greatest nation in human history.
   Disrespect from those marching in our cities demanding your tax dollars that belong to you. Charity is in the hearts of our citizens, but the corrupttion of those who seek to gain advantage is ever growing.
   Many states are facing financial doom because they are forced to give non-citizens basic services that our children are being deprived of. When will this madness sto?. Strangers moving into our communities being supported by the hard work of others, organized groups that talk about their rights while not respecting the laws of this nation.
   Our Founding Father's never meant this great nation to be guided by the will of those who have invested nothing.
   It was meant to be guided by the Constitution of this Republic and its codified laws!
theodore miraldi

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