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Monday, May 27, 2013

American psychosis: Death, the new normal

Exclusive: Dr. Gina Loudon examines 'profile of a nation in psychopathy'

Gina Loudon

Margaret Sanger is laughing in her grave. Her little known eugenic plot, and the very reason she founded Planned Parenthood, is winning.
Many in America were shocked by the images from the Gosnell trial. Now, some are horrified by the testimony of the women who worked in Douglas Karpen’s abortion clinic. He is the Texas physician infamous for wringing the necks of babies as a farmer would harvest a chicken. Justice will be done. Gosnell has been found guilty and will go away for life. The same fate will likely come to Karpen, but the pro-life community should not accept that as a victory.
If prison sentences for two abortionists out of hundreds active in the “profession” are the only “victory” pro-lifers can claim, then this is a loss.
The effect of these events on our collective psychology is alarming. Every time we see an image of a baby with its neck snipped, we become a little more desensitized. Every time we read a story about a fully developed baby with its head twisted off by an abortionist, it becomes a little more normal.
The next time you call a friend about the terrible things happening in an abortion clinic, it won’t be the kind of shock it was the last time it was reported. It will be old news. The mainstream news media were so unaffected by the news of Karpen twisting the heads off of babies, that it barely made conservative talk radio!
Radio talk show host Dennis Prager brilliantly asserted that the left seems to “love humanity, but hate humans.” They blame humans for everything from war, to environmental pollution, to slavery while pushing policies that make life miserable from an abusive IRS to Obamacare and blocking pipelines in the name of protecting humanity from humans. They do not seem to understand or care that the malaise is caused by the very policies they espouse (redistribution of wealth, secular humanism, big government), and only remedied by the things they detest (moral foundation and faith in God, constitutional governance, free markets).
In this context, we can better understand the zeal of the left for radical abortion policy. Humanity is somehow better off while the baby humans are so much fodder. The environmental extremists are satisfied with fewer people leaving their own “carbon footprints.” To the left, humans are “the ultimate evil” and the baby harp seal deserves protection, even with violence while the baby human deserves no protection.
The harp seal cannot pollute, make war or enslave, so therefore it is innocent. The baby human might become a greedy, evil warmonger, so it is best they never get to live. Abortion becomes a “compassionate choice” for humanity. Never mind that the child might be the next scientist who discovers a cure for cancer or cracks the formula to make solar power cost effective, he certainly will pollute. Thus, the left reduces the slaughter of an innocent baby to the prevention of another potentially evil human exacting more damage to this earth.
This simple incongruence is evidenced by the left’s protests outside of circuses, but not abortion clinics. The left jumps on board to save a tree or moth, but a bag of bloody little bodies is “offensive.” The left invests in PETA, but how many charities have been started for proper burials of the babies killed and stored in jars, or dropped in toilets or trash bags, at the hands of abortionists?
My pro-choice dad actually created the slogan used by pro-choicers across the world: The ultimate pollution solution? Birth control.
Pro-choicers want you to believe they don’t condone the killing of babies (fetuses, they call them), but actions speak loudly. If they believe the killing is wrong, the pro-choicers would be protesting these Gosnell and Karpen slaughters like the Christian churches decry the actions of the Westboro “Baptists.” They would be doing everything in their power to shut the “bad guys” down, so they don’t reflect poorly on the “good guys,” but they are not. The streets outside Planned Parenthood stand bare, and the next victims of their $9 billion a year industry go to slaughter like cattle in a stockyard.
There are three possible reasons for this hypocrisy:
1)      They don’t know about the grisly murders that have resulted from their own advocacy.
2)      They don’t care that babies were tortured to death.
3)      They do care, but that is outweighed by the possibility that acknowledging the atrocities brought about by their advocacy might cause the industry to look bad. Or worse, if they acknowledge the atrocity, they might have to face the reality of what they have done in the name of women’s rights.
(I extend a sincere, heartfelt invitation to anyone who reads this and has worked/supported/advocated the pro-choice position to tell me which of the three options above fits you, or where I am wrong on this. I absolutely guarantee that I will not receive one rational response to that invitation. Not one).
The abortion lobby knows that the murders of babies born alive are not isolated, and happen every day in many cities across the country. Those who profit off the backs of vulnerable women know that more women will die and more babies will be tortured to death. They know that you will come to expect this as the new normal.
Remember when the pro-life movement used to protest abortion in the first two trimesters? Now we stand outside the clinic protesting the killing of born-alive babies. We are losing ground on this issue.
What comes next?
Will we be protesting the killing of 3 year olds?
If you want an example of the slippery slope, this is it! The human mind first experiences shock over the sight of the killing of innocents, but soon comes to categorize, rationalize and desensitize to compartmentalize and continue to function. This is called cognitive dissonance. The collective mind of America is in the process of this now.
Look who is talking about this and who isn’t. Those talking are the only ones who have not already tucked this away in a conveniently remote part of their brain.
Those who are quiet stand ready for the next photo/video/news clip. They fancy themselves mentally equipped to process it. They will feel nothing. They will think nothing. They will do nothing. Life for them will go on because they knew right where to put the new information so that their mind didn’t experience crisis like it did when the truth of Gosnell’s House of Horrors emerged.
This is the degeneration of the psyche of a nation as it unknowingly rationalizes genocide as did Nazi Germany. This is the profile of a nation in psychopathy.
If this ominous mental state of our nation doesn’t change radically, the stage will be set. The logical progression suggests that within this decade those remaining rational could be protesting the killing of 3 year olds.
When, again, does life begin?

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