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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Krauthammer IRS: "This Is Going To Go On And It Could Be Fatal"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Here's why this has legs: Number one, as Kirsten says, everybody is outraged. Everybody knows what the IRA can do, and everybody's afraid of it. Second, because you now have somebody that's going to plead the Fifth, in a court of law, the jury is not supposed to interpret that as hiding something, but this isn't a court of law, and we aren't a jury.

Clearly there's something happening here. Everybody understands there is a red flag. And last is the fact who was a member of Congress who was just up there? That was the Democratic head of the Senate Finance committee. Yes, the republicans are up in arms but Democrats are, too. And Baucus, who we saw, isn't even up for re-election. Imagine the Democrats who are.

The fact that you have a committee headed by a Democrat and a Democratic senate who is leading all this who yesterday submitted over 40 questions about the IRS scandal, and said, 'I have a suspicion there is a lot here we don't know. This thing is going to go on and it could be fatal. (Special Report, May 21, 2013)

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