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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Obama Signs Fundraising Email

Obama Signs Fundraising Email for 'Non-Partisan' Organizing for Action


Today, President Obama personally became re-involved in his former campaign organization's new incarnation Organizing for Action.  On the same day he is scheduled to appear at two DCCC fundraisers in Chicago, the president of the United States sent the following email to OFA's mailing list, signed "Barack":
Friend --
This is an experiment.
Organizing for Action isn't like any other organization. It's based in Chicago, not Washington, and its task is to help restore the balance of power in government.
We've seen that a bottom-up movement of passionate people can still win an election in the era of big campaign spending. That's not what this is about.
Organizing for Action is about discovering whether ordinary people can reclaim the process of legislating from special-interest groups and lobbyists, and help give your friends and neighbors the voice they deserve in Washington.
This project needs your support -- I'm counting on you to be there for the fights ahead.
Say you're in today: 
Let's finish what we started.
The link takes recipients to an email sign up page, after which visitors are invited to donate up to $1,000 to Organizing for Action. OFA, a 504(c)(4) non-profit, has cast itself as a non-partisan advocacy group.
Although the president and first lady were both heavily involved in OFA's re-launch shortly after President Obama's inauguration in January, more recently OFA has downplayed the president's role in the continuing mission of the group's effort to support his agenda.  Nevertheless, OFA has retained the website address and @BarackObama Twitter account with its 32 million followers.  OFA's new Twitter account, @OFA, has been rather less successful signing up followers.  It currently stands at 288,000.

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