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Monday, May 27, 2013

RIP Boy Scouts of America - Homosexual Agenda Victorious

by Matt Barber

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Mark 8:36)
RIP BSAIt’s a sad day for both Scouting and for freedom. Indeed, it’s a sad day for America. The century-old Boy Scouts of America (BSA) – created in 1910 to “prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes” – has betrayed its own constituency, mission, oath and law.

Last Thursday, approximately 1,400 adult BSA delegates from around the country gathered in Texas and decided, in a disgracefully lopsided vote, to welcome into its ranks, “open and avowed” homosexuality (boy-on-boy sexual attraction and behavior), thereby disavowing the “morally straight” Scout Oath its members are sworn to uphold.

They voted unwisely.

History will reflect that on this day the BSA turned from morally straight to immorally bent – that this once great organization – founded on “honor,” “reverence” and biblical morality – was crushed beneath the worldly weight of pagan idolatry.
Whereas, for over a century, millions of boys have raised their right hands, swearing “on my honor” to “do my duty to God and my country” – on this day, hundreds of adult delegates likewise raised their right hands, shook their fists at God and flipped their middle fingers at both the boys they serve and the parents who trusted them.
While endeavoring to “gain the world,” this once honorable institution has forfeited its soul.
Scripture admonishes: “The wages of sin is death.” (Rom. 6:23). This was a catastrophic miscalculation. It was sin, and, tragically, through this sin, the BSA has now effectively sealed its own fate. It has set into motion its own demise.
Even by its own estimates, BSA leadership admits that the decision will likely result in a mass exodus from Scouting. They anticipate that as many as 400,000 Scouts and Scouters will leave the organization (acceptable casualties in the war on morality, I guess). Still, as devastating as this number is, it too represents a gross miscalculation.
Consider, for instance, that when Canada’s version of the Boy Scouts voted in 1998 to welcome open homosexuality, its membership rolls plummeted by over half in just five years, forcing camp closures, staff layoffs and huge budget cuts. Looking north of the border for clues, then, we can expect that, with current membership at around 2.6 million, it’s more likely that roughly 1.5 million Boy Scouts and troop masters will walk.
Then again, we’re talking about “progressive” Canada. This is the good ol’ USA. With over 61 percent of Scouts, Scouters and parents opposing the homosexualization of Boy Scouts, and over 70 percent of U.S. Scout groups sponsored by churches and religious organizations, it’s not unreasonable to expect that defections will even exceed this estimate.
In short, BSA’s betrayal may well result in near-total ruin. The wages of sin is death.
Here’s the reality: Reality has not changed. Objective truth did not suddenly and miraculously reverse itself on May 23, 2013. As BSA has always acknowledged (until Thursday), homosexual behavior remains empirically disordered and immoral. The only thing that has changed is politics.
Ultimately, this decision had nothing to do with “tolerance” or “inclusivity.” Neither did it concern the best interests of the boys who make up Boy Scouting. Instead, this decision was rooted in pure evil. It had everything to do with money. “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs” (1 Timothy 6:10).
And wandered from the faith they have.
Now come the many griefs.
Really, three things drove this decision: Fear, greed and politics. A number of high-dollar corporate donors threatened to pull funding from BSA if they maintained the existing policy on sexual morality. Additionally, a number of extremist pressure groups, aided by a sympathetic left-wing media, brought tremendous pressure to bear.
But the pressure’s not going away. The BSA made a critical error in judgment. It showed weakness. This has only whipped these radicals into a heightened frenzy. Within moments of the “gay” announcement, Nancy Pelosi called the move “an important first step.” The Human Rights Campaign demanded “the new policy doesn’t go far enough,” and Mother Jones, a liberal online publication, posted an article titled, “Boy Scouts: You Can Be Gay Until You’re 18.”
Sin is never satisfied. The homofascist thirst for absolute affirmation is unquenchable.
What’s the next step? Activists now demand that adult men who desire sex with other males (“gay” scout masters) be allowed to take your sons camping overnight. Soon they’ll be insisting that “transgender boys” (girls who wish they were boys) be allowed to join as well.
What a camping trip. Imagine the pup tent. Your son and Jimmy – who’s got a crush on him – along with Billy and Billy’s boyfriend Bobby, all snuggly warm in the middle of nowhere. But make room for Sammy (formerly Suzie) and Sammy’s boyfriend Gary (formerly Gertrude).
Don’t forget to hang the disco ball.
And “always be prepared.”
You think there won’t be new membership stagnation? Who wants to sign their boy up for the “Gay Scouts”? What’s a kid gotta to do to earn his “tolerance badge”? Parents, you might want to get out while the gettin’s good. As one Eagle Scout told me, “I’m not leaving the Boy Scouts, the Boy Scouts left me.”
It’s only a matter of time until BSA caves on these demands as well. They’ll admit “gay” men and girls soon. They have no choice. Now that they’ve opened the door, they’ve waived the only legal defense they once had: religious and moral conviction.
But here’s the good news. I and dozens more will be convening for a coalition meeting of pro-family leaders next month in Louisville, Ky., to discuss the creation of a moral alternative to the Boy Scouts. Nature abhors a vacuum. We intend to fill it.
Still, until then, please join me as we mourn the loss of this once honorable organization. The Boy Scouts of America: Born Feb. 8, 1910 – Died May 23, 2013.
May it rest in peace.

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  1. I enjoyed some of the most rewarding experiences of my life while in Girl Scouts for 7 yrs - It gave me a "place" to be, friendships, opportunity to learn many things and to strive for more - and all within the bounds of a "sisterhood" rather than in the complexities of mixed company. I have 2 sons altho grown now and I must say, this does NOT sit right with me!!!

    These are CHILDREN just discovering WHO they are and HOW they fit into the world - at such an impressionable time with their bodies changing and so much confusion! It is NOT wise to ALLOW, CONDONE a situation where boys are at times unsupervised sleeping overnight in tents or cabins with a sexual dynamic added to the mix. Although they may not have acted on it yet, in order for the boy to be gay he would have been thinking "mature enough" to make a distinction about the gender of the person he wants to have sex with!

    HOW/WHY does an 8-10 yo boy even know he wants to have sex with another boy?? Why would I let my son be exposed to that when "on his own" and vulnerable and may not feel safe enough to talk to someone if he felt uncomfortable- NO WAY!!

    Children have ENOUGH to deal already with being bullied, gangs, violence, cops on campus, metal detectors, peer pressure, 7 hour school days, loads of homework, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, pornography, pressure to "be normal" and just fit in, trying not to be "too smart, too gifted, too dorky", growing up fast often with dysfunctional homes and family! I just think our kids should NOT have yet another thing to worry about or be exposed to!! They NEED to feel SAFE and PROTECTED from anything that might make them question themselves or damage them emotionally or physically! We Do NOT OWE anyone an open forum to promote anything especially at the expense of our kid's innocence & well being!

    They are CHILDREN!! They HAVE NO BUSINESS having SEX PERIOD at that age - with boys OR girls!!! They are NOT READY to handle that! There is a big difference between open acceptance of sexuality and being gay and knowing but not feeling free to make it known or express it openly. Not to say they should feel shamed, but "approval" is not required either - in fact once the nod is given it could be a license to some who lack maturity to take it too far and possibly become predatory or bullyish with other kids!

    How the hell does a pre-pubescent CHILD know that they are gay anyway??? At that age they should be busy playing hard and trying to hit a ball as far as they can, climbing trees, besting their score on their favorite video game, coming in filthy dirty and just being boys - NOT deciding or discovering their sexual orientation or having to contemplate someone else's either!!

    The truth of the matter is- IT's not about gays or affording them an opportunity, its not about classifying people. THERE IS AN AGENDA!! The parents, grandparents and adults within the framework of society are entrusted with maintaining an upright code of being, or morality within that environment. We as guardians, protectors of our children need to realize that there is a SINISTER PLAN to take our children AT BIRTH and mold them into what they want - That there is something called COMMUNISM that is VERY MUCH ALIVE and WELL, thriving in the U.S. and it has infiltrated our schools, churches, government, communities, youth groups, news and art... SO PERFECTLY and SO SUCCESSFULLY that many of us have become indoctrinated - it's the reason for this there is any debate about the rightness of it at all!

    I recommend watching "AGENDA: THE GRINDING DOWN OF AMERICA" - a film by Curtis Bowers, an Idaho state representative. You will be STUNNED if you haven't already realized what's happening in our country today!!! If you cant view it on you tube, Vimeo or my FB page: 4 Right

    Please email me - and I can send it to you directly! IT IS EYE OPENING, INFORMATIVE and seriously needs to go VIRAL!!

    Thanks! ~Bren -