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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Most “I Don’t Know” Administration Ever

by Matthew Hockman

Perhaps I missed the memo: when did it become acceptable for a government official to respond to an inquiry with “I don’t know?” Yet, that is what we’re seeing on a consistent basis from the Obama Administration. Every hearing, press conference, and interview we hear the same response of ignorance. It should be pointed out that a majority of the questions asked by Congress or the press are not “gotcha” questions, used to blindside the administration officials. They are questions that the administration should have been prepared to answer.
Attorney General Eric Holder has been the shining example of willful ignorance within this administration. He has testified before Congress several times and publicly announced that he really doesn’t know anything about well, anything. I don’t believe him and neither should the American people. No man can have so many scandals occur under his watch and not know that they are occurring.
I couldn’t possibly post the video of all of his ignorant responses, because that would be too long to watch in a single sitting. However, I was able to find a video (posted below) that shows a small collection of “I don’t know’s” that Eric Holder has given before Congressional hearings.

I am a 6 year veteran of law enforcement and have testified in court many times. I will tell you from personal experience, that an “I don’t know” response will not be gracefully received by a judge. You are expected to know every detail of the case before the court. So, if you are the head of a federal agency or a member of the President’s cabinet, then you better damn well know what’s going on. At the very least, you should know what happened after the fact if you are going to testify in front of Congress.
This willful ignorance is not just a mindset within the Justice Department. We’ve seen multiple administration officials go before Congress, under the Obama presidency, and declare the very same “I don’t know” responses. So, the responses we receive from the government can only be received two ways: Either they know and chose to pretend ignorance or they don’t and are ignorant. To be honest with you, I don’t know which would be worse.
Personally, I believe they are playing the “ignorance is bliss” card to escape the fact that so much corruption is occurring under this President. I’m sure that I will be branded a right wing nut job for supporting “conspiracies” that aren’t there (because, as we’ve been told by the President, there is no there, there), in order to bring down President Obama. I’m okay with that, because I’d rather be skeptical of the government than naive that the President has no idea all of these scandals are occurring under his watch.
In fact, just recently we learned that Eric Holder did lie when he testified that he didn’t know of the wiretaps and surveillance of journalists. It was revealed that he signed the order to seize some of Fox News’ James Rosen’s emails. So, it’s quite possible that Holder is both a liar and willfully ignorant. Clearly the work of the most transparent administration ever knows no bounds.
What we’re watching unfold is Chicago thug politics at its finest. This is the way Chicago politics has been operating for decades. They consistently engage in empty and hateful rhetoric, corruption, and intimidation in order to silence whistleblowers and critics. I certainly won’t take ignorance as a response and I will not be intimidated by their tactics. Let’s just hope Congress feels the same way.
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