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Monday, September 30, 2013

NEWS! Obama bad mouths republicans again




     President Obama takes to the airwaves to support the dysfunctions of the democratic party in his
ill advised attempt to blame Republicans for his party not wanting to delay the individual mandate.        Although he has given waivers to his supporters and all members of Congress and their staff. For the president, supported by the Senate leadership to tell the House that whatever they do will be rejected is not acting in good fair. 
    This president makes everything political, demonizing members of the opposition and certain media sources in his condescending manner. ObamaCare is a law that Obama
keeps changing at will. 
    In times of prosperity Americans tolerate the abuses of government waste. Where is Obama's voice about creating jobs, or the crippling regulations imposed by the EPA closing
powers plants across the nation. That is Obama's job plan.
    Put additional people out of work when creating jobs has become a campaign slogan. This theater is about the midterm elections, and the fear that the Republicans may win the Senate, 
    Nothing Obama says makes any logical sense. His concern about delaying the mandate was about women's contraceptives. Is this guy for real, or what?

theodore miraldi

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