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Friday, September 27, 2013

Obama: The Anti-Post-Racial President


By Jack Kerwick

During the 2008 presidential campaign, legions of commentators from across the political spectrum did their best to convince themselves and the electorate that the election of America’s “first black president”—then Senator Barack Hussein Obama—promised to usher in a new era of race relations, a “post-racial” epoch.
Judging from a Gallup poll conducted shortly before the election, voters bought it: over half of all Americans were confident that interracial relations would dramatically improve because of this “historic” event.
In the wake of his election, this number soared to seven out of ten Americans who entertained high hopes for the future of race relations in America—and the world.
Obama was going to “fundamentally transform” America by redeeming it of its historical transgressions, namely, its treatment of its black citizens.
Even someone as ordinarily sensible as John McWhorter endorsed this nonsense.  McWhorter argued that the presence of a black man as “uniquely poised” as Obama in the Oval Office could inspire troubled black youth to aim for success.
Obama, not unsurprisingly, spared no occasion to both fuel and exploit these hopes.
Five years later, how silly the true believers in Obama’s “post-racial” America should feel.
Obama, on the other hand, looks not so much silly as deceitful, and possibly even treacherous,  for not only did he fail abysmally to deliver what he implicitly—and repeatedly—promised; race relations are actually worse in many respects now than they were prior to Obama’s election.
And they are worse to no slight extent precisely because of Obama.
Even prior to his election Obama had the distinction of introducing to the nation the toxic “black liberationist,” his pastor and “spiritual mentor” of over 20 years, the close friend of Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan, the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright.  But it was in 2009 after he became the 44th President of the United States that Obama began to further spoil the well of racial discourse when he insisted upon springing to the defense of his (black) friend, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  The latter had a confrontation with white police officers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and although Obama himself publicly conceded that he knew few if any details, he nevertheless couldn’t resist criticizing the police.
While black-on-white violence has been a problem for decades, it seems to have intensified during Obama’s tenure as president.  For instance, black-on-white riots have returned to America under Obama’s watch—although now they aren’t referred to as “riots.” Rather, we call them “flash mobs,” and they have erupted in cities across the nation.
Yet the “uniquely poised” Obama has said not a syllable to ameliorate either the violence or the racial animus underlying it.
In fact, he and his fellow ideologues in the Democratic Party have worked overtime to fuel the perception—a perception that remains all too pervasive among blacks, and the black underclass in particular—that his opponents—i.e. at least half of the nation—are “racist.”
Most recently, during one of the most racially-charged news events that America has witnessed in quite some time, Obama exacerbated, rather than diffused, tensions. By now it is, or it should be, common knowledge that black 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was not some innocent, hapless kid that “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman arbitrarily gunned down for kicks. The latter, it has been established in a court of law, shot Martin to death in self-defense.  This, however, did not stop Obama from lending arms to the campaign to transform Martin into the next Emmet Till.  Long before any facts were in, Obama made the now infamous comment that if he had had a son, the latter would look like “Trayvon.”
The implication was unmistakable: Trayvon Martin was indeed killed in cold blood because of the color of his skin.
Our president is contemptible.
He is indeed “uniquely poised” to do much for the sake of racial harmony, but, instead, he uses his position to worsen them.  At every turn, Obama tries to legitimize the truly poisonous fiction that white America has it in for blacks, while saying nothing about the all too many black-on-white atrocities that occur so frequently under his watch.
The latest such outrage occurred last weekend in Syracuse, New York.
James Gifford, a 70-year-old white man who by all accounts was among the most civic-minded and gentlest of souls, was entering a 7 Eleven when he was randomly attacked and beaten to death by black 18-year-old Romeo Williams.  Upon beating Gifford to the ground, Williams walked into the store where, according to local police, he proceeded to “celebrate” the pummeling to which he just subjected the unsuspecting Gifford. Then, Williams returned to his prey. Gifford was still lying on the pavement, just where Williams left him.  Williams then proceeded to finish him off as he continued to beat him.
As of Wednesday, September 25, Gifford died from his injuries.
And as of the time of this writing, Obama has uttered not a peep about it.

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