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Saturday, September 28, 2013

To tell the truth




     It has become painful watching Obama address the nation. It has become evident to those who care about our nation that the most powerful man on the planet is a card carrying liar.
     He labels others, affixing blame for his failed policies as though he is a distant third party to its creation.  Obama is an extremely flawed character who by no means of his own has risen to power on pure rhetoric and deception. His empty vessel policies are geared to the displaced, bored and plain lazy.
     Using verbiage of the social healer, he is no more of a uniter than any other despot that has mired nations before. He is so uncommitted to his own words that he contradicts himself. He is the standard barer of a socialist movement that will promise you steak, and serve you beans.
     The hypocrisy of a party that speaks about equality while denying it to most. Just ask the southern democrats who created the KKK, just ask the democrats in Congress who opposed the Civil Rights Act,  Recent history of the Affordable Care Act that helps illegals while rendering hard working Americans without benefits, waivers for Congress, and special interests. Cronyism?
     Obama's understanding of equality is to make us all equal and beholding to Big Brother.

theodore miraldi

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