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Saturday, September 21, 2013

When is a Lie the Same as the Truth?

When it Involves Jobs and this Economy

John Ransom
Last week at this time I wrote the column below that covered unemployment claims which fell to the "lowest level since 2006" because two states, a large one and a small one, didn't process all their claims due to a glitch in upgrading their computer system.
And guess what?
This week they had the same glitch. It worked so well last time, I guess Obama asked the to do it again.
The likely culprits are Nevada and California judging by media reports of people upset because they didn't get unemployment checks.
For the record unemployment has risen in about a third of the states during this last period. And if you thought the economy was rosy, you missed the Federal Reserve announcement that active monetary stimulus measures are still in operation indefinitely.
Of course if you read the MSM, you'd know none of this, which is the point I make below:
Initial unemployment claims came out and, boy, there is great news.
Two states had upgrades to their computer systems and that likely caused them to under report claims, according to Bloomberg.
That means the media can report that “[j]obless claims in the U.S. declined last week to the lowest level since April 2006.”
“Jobless claims in the U.S.,” writes Bloomberg, “declined last week to the lowest level since April 2006 as work on computer systems in two states caused those employment agencies to report fewer applications.”
Now if the Obama administration could just figure out how to get all fifty states to upgrade their computer systems EVERY month...then...
I’m extremely grateful that Bloomberg choose this moment to tell us the truth that several states under reported claims.

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