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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reagan/Obama: The difference between a hero, a zero

The actions of two men tell us all we need to know about their character and their role in American politics.

Judson Phillips

WASHINGTON, December 24, 2013 — Ronald Reagan is a hero to the conservative movement. He is the only truly conservative Republican we have had as president in the last 50 years.
Conservatives revere President Reagan.
Conservatives have less than no use for Barack Obama.
Comparing the two men is an excellent study in the difference between a public servant and someone who thinks he is a public master.
When Ronald Reagan was president, he spent his Christmases in Washington. 
The reason was simple and it spoke profoundly about the man’s character. The White House, even in the 1980s, was a 24/7 operation. The president’s staff worked around the clock. This was true of his Secret Service detail and it was especially true after the 1981 assassination attempt on President Reagan.
Reagan spent his Christmas holidays in Washington so his staff could have Christmas with their families. His Secret Service detail might have to work on Christmas day, but they would at least get part of the day with their families.
By staying in Washington, Reagan was also a good steward of the people’s money. Traveling to his ranch in California cost money. Moving the president was not and is not cheap.
Contrast that with Obama, who punctuates his vacations with occasional days in the office. Every year since he was elected, he has spent his Christmas vacation in Hawaii.
Granted, he was raised in Hawaii, but when was the last time he lived there? He was 18 when he moved away. But every year, he has to go back.
He rents a beachfront house, for which in theory he pays the rent. The taxpayer has to pay for the security that keeps him safe, as in Washington, but there is the cost to fly him, his protective detail and all of the necessary and possibly not so necessary staffers out to Hawaii with him. He is flown on a regular basis to golf courses all over the islands. 
While America suffers through the Great Obama Depression and millions of Americans are unemployed, Obama lives in the lap of luxury, without a single care for the Americans who are suffering because of his insane policies.
Obama is America’s Marie Antoinette. Only Obama says, let them play golf.
Even George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, neither of whom could be called fiscally conservative, vacationed at their own homes. That expense at least cut down the costs to the taxpayer. 
Bill Clinton did not. Neither does Obama. For them, the public treasury is their treasury. 
Obama is not a public servant; he is our public master.
If you are in Hawaii, don’t go swimming or take a boat out near King Obama’s retreat. Not only is he living luxuriously at the taxpayer’s expense, but if you enter the security zone that the Department of Homeland Security has established in the Kailua Bay area, you face 10 years in prison.
Kings and tyrants tell the people where they can and cannot go. Public servants respect the people who have entrusted them with the leadership of the nation. 
The way Ronald Reagan treated the Office of the President spoke volumes about his character. The way Barack Obama treats real Americans and the office he has been entrusted with tells us all we need to know about him.

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