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Monday, March 24, 2014

Obama Impeachment Almost Complete

John Ransom 

Jim Jordan wants to know what the White House knew about the IRS targeting scandal, and when they knew it-- as if we didn’t know. The conservative Representative from Ohio has penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the activities of the IRS and, more specifically Lois Lerner, the former IRS official who is at the center of the controversy.

Jordan essentially is saying where there is smoke there is fire, and oh yeah, where there’s fire, there is fire too.
“Emails and testimony that we confronted Ms. Lerner with showed her saying that the tea party is ‘very dangerous,’” writes Jordan, “ordering a ‘multitiered review’ (read: delay) of the cases, and managing the optics of her operation so it would not be revealed as a political project.”
Make no mistake, this goes all the way up to the White House, to the Oval Office, and for that reason this will not be going away.
That was practically guaranteed when Lerner showed up at Congress twice and invoked her Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate herself.
Those who try to ride the revolutionary tiger, by letting it out of the cage, make a tasty meal eventually.
And the tiger makes no distinction between the president and a department head.
Congress does however. And so does the electorate.
From the day that Congress passed Obamacare under Democrat control, there has never been a time in which Obama’s political position did not grow weaker. He lost the US House of Representatives in 2010, and only narrowly controls the Senate.
Sure he won reelection, but his second term could end up being more of a curse than a blessing.
The White House has been enmeshed in a series of scandals, missteps and poor politics that’s only become more obvious, and more quickly moving since Obama’s reelection.
As the president has grown weaker, he’s become more and more reckless, telling bigger and bigger lies.
I often tell candidates, especially ones who are political novices, that they have to keep one thing in mind about politics: eventually through the miasma of lies, distortions and rhetoric, politics, at the highest level, is eventually about truth; about absolute, positive truth.
The Soviet empire did not collapse because socialism is an inefficient form of government. It collapsed because as an inefficient form of government it tried to prop itself up with lies about record harvests and tractor production that just didn’t exist.
The beauty of economics, as it relates to politics, is that it will brook no lies.
The truth eventually wins out.
Obama can try to brazen his way through any one of dozens of scandals that now surround the most incompetent administration since Warren G. Harding, but the truth is out. The economics are against him.
And that’s why people no longer trust him.
Impeach him? Certainly, if you can prove beyond a doubt he’s committed a crime.
But there is no reason to make the man a martyr.
The only impeachment that was ever going to work was the one Obama eventually got; and that’s the one he provided himself.
He’s the guy we warned you about all along. In fact, he’s worse than the guy we warned you about.
And no matter what Lois Lerner or Jim Jordan have to say about it, Obama himself was the guy who caused his own impeachment of the public trust.
In the end, like the Politburo, Obama will be done in by his own lies.
It took the Soviets 70 years to collapse the system.
It took Obama about two years to collapse on himself.
That he got the two years to begin with was more about the group delusion that Obama was the Messiah than anything substantive he’s done.
“A nation and a woman are not forgiven the unguarded hour,” writes Karl Marx, “in which the first adventurer that came along could violate them.”
Let’s hope Marx got that part wrong too.

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