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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Obamacare brings stories of pain, confusion, anger

ObamaCares 4th Anniversary!

U.S. President Barack Obama pauses while making a statement about Ukraine on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington March 20, 2014. Obama on Thursday announced further sanctions against prominent Russians and cleared the way for possible sanctions on key sectors of the Russian economy in response to Moscow

Patrick Howley

Sunday marks the fourth anniversary of Obamacare’s signing on March 23, 2010. Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy said that at this point Democrats “have a really good story to tell.” But Americans outside of Washington, D.C. are also telling their own stories about the health care law.
To commemorate the anniversary, Republican Ohio Rep. Bob Gibbs this week asked people on his Facebook page to share how “this law has impacted your life.” A few of the answers to Gibbs’ question are presented below.
Please mark this anniversary by sharing your own stories about Obamacare impact in the Comments section. The president might not see them, and the mainstream media sure won’t report on them, but we will.
“My Premiums have gone up around 20% a year, my deductible has gone up by $6000 (not a typo). My wife had to change her doctor, I was unable to keep the plan I liked because my company didn’t want to pay a ‘luxury tax’. We’re still waiting to see if my children have to change pediatricians. Small businesses are being decimated in my area, in part because of this and in part because of the lack of a coherent economic policy. I had to have some tires put on a my car the other day and the mechanic was saying that things haven’t been this bad since 1981…you know, when President Carter had just completed his term and President Reagan took on that mess. We need that kind of leadership now.”
I am self-employed who was previously uninsured. I now have an ACA-approved plan which will take up to 20% of my gross income. I have medical issues which also took a big chunk of my income while being uninsured and simply paying cash. They talk about insurance premiums rising next year, which will be 30% of my income? How much is too much? HB 2900 would be a step in the right direction.”
“I am self employed, and because of Obamacare my premiums went from $265 to $615. I could not afford those premiums, so I am now with a Christian healthcare organization. Please do everything you can to repeal this horrible law, Congressman.”
“Forcing friends to pay penalties. Staples President/Chairman Ron Sergeant sent memo to employees 4 Jan 2014 saying his company refuses to pay workers healthcare. My brother/ Sister-in – Law choose between healthcare or food. Thank God I’m 100% Military/Security Disabled. Medicare Parts A/B Tricare For Life.”
“We cant afford it so my wife has insurance on herself, the kids are on medicate, and I get mine through the VA. If everyone medical is going to be like the VA, just give everyone heads up you need to find your grave site. The VA doctors just want a be doctors. They are horrable. You got to wait 3mo. to a year to see them. I have a medical condition that I had for over ten yrs. and they still don’t know what is wrong.”
“$400 a month is more than I can afford.”
“You know the insurance that was supposed to be so good, our insurance will not renew ours and so we have to hunt for something else. We refused to go with obama care April 1st is the last to be insured. So thanks mr. obama, all small letters, just does not deserve to have any capital letters, no respect for him at all.”
“I am more concerned with how it is going to affect my future with medicare. There is a lot of talk about increasing the amount paid by us and with no increase in social security to cover these increases. How am I going to cover my medical expenses? We are being punished because we are aging by those who say they are protecting us. Why are the elderly being left behind to pay for people who do not support themselves? I paid my dues and my tax and am suffering for that.”
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