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Monday, March 31, 2014

Obamacare website goes down morning of deadline

Obamacare website goes down on morning of deadline
By Bob Fredericks
With the deadline for signups looming, the Obamacare Web site was down for maintenance early Monday, and many visitors faced long waits once it was brought back online.
The was unavailable shortly after 3 a.m. New York time, Politico reported.
But it was back up and running – slowly in some cases – by 8 a.m. after an apparent software bug was fixed.
The last-minute surge of visitors looking to sign up for the Affordable Care Act resulted in waits for many, the site acknowledged in a warning on its home page.
“During times of especially high demand, you may be queued to begin your online Marketplace application to ensure the best possible shopping experience,” the warning read.
New York and Connecticut residents could access the site immediately, but New Jersey residents faced delays, according to a check of the site at 8 a.m.
“ has a lot of visitors right now! We need you to wait here, so we can make sure there’s room for you to have a good experience on our site,” the Jersey page read.
Traffic has been heavy for in the days leading up to the deadline, with the US Department of Health and Human Services reporting more than 2 million visitors during the weekend.
A message that appeared this morning on the New Jersey site allowed people to send in their email to be notified when the system was available.

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