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Monday, March 24, 2014

‘Progressives Are Nothing More Than Patient Communists’

Friday night, Glenn Beck delivered a rousing keynote speech to a packed ballroom at the Summer Retreat for David Horowitz’s Freedom Center. Before the speech, Beck told TheBlaze that he hoped to “inspire people to learn who they are and to stand as an example for others.”
Speaking for nearly an hour, and without a teleprompter or a written speech, Beck inspired the gathering of conservatives by showing them dozens of historical artifacts from his own personal collection, while explaining each item’s significance and its connection to what is happening in America today. George Washington’s compass, Thomas Jefferson’s Koran, wooden sandals worn by a Japanese-American held in a WWII interment camp, and Tokyo Rose’s microphone (below) were all part of the presentation. While displaying the microphone, Beck shared the real story of her patriotism — a story too often left out of history books.
Image: Amy Yoder / David Horowitz Freedom Center
Image: Amy Yoder / David Horowitz Freedom Center
On more than one occasion, the audience gasped audibly as Beck showed items such as Auschwitz mastermind Dr. Mengele’s signed order for a barrel of the deadly chemical luminol (used for killing children), a fake passport forged by Raoul Wallenberg in his efforts to save Hungarian Jews from being transported to Nazi death camps, and Walt Disney’s original proposal for Disneyland.
Speaking about the importance of “taking back the culture,” Beck surprised the audience by sharing the shocking statements about eugenics from playwright George Bernard Shaw and the underreported story of President Woodrow Wilson’s connection to the pro-KKK movie “Birth of a Nation.”
The audience listened with rapt attention as Beck opined, ”We win in the end if we are strong, if we are gracious,  if we are decent, if we are humble, and if we don’t care what the world does or says about us.”
Image: Amy Yoder / David Horowitz Freedom Center
Image: Amy Yoder / David Horowitz Freedom Center
Beck closed his speech showing the deed to property in Valley Forge, PA once owned by Isaac Potts. The significance of that document? He explained that the 26-year-old Potts was not exactly on board with the efforts of the colonists to break away from England, until he witnessed General George Washington praying in the woods. So moved was Potts that he told his wife about it,reportedly saying, “We never thought a man could be a soldier and a Christian, but if there is one in the world, it is Washington. We thought it was the cause of God, and America could prevail.”
The Potts example was Beck’s call to action for the audience. “May I humbly suggest that we each set the example for the ‘Isaac Potts’ that is watching us,” Beck said in closing, “Set the example and others will follow. Divine Providence will assure our liberty.”
Watch the entire speech courtesy of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (in which Beck also says “progressives are nothing more than patient communists”): 

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