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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Russian Bear Grows Hungry

theodore miraldi

For over a century the Russian people have dealt with triumph and failure. None so painful as the fall of the USSR has the ruling class been more focused on regaining it role in the world community. 

Not since Stalin has its leader, the former KGB boss Putin brushed aside democratic rule for a more restrictive and nationalistic stance. The former Soviet Union is again on the march to a cheering population of Russians and Russian allies. Putin's strategy of annexing small parcels of other countries
is reminiscent of Hitler's assault on Europe. 

Make no mistake, history repeats itself as it has so many times in the past concerning Europe. The apathy that exists towards Russian aggression will only offer the same result it did in 1939. How unfortunate for the Europeans that the United States has a do nothing president who relies on a touchy feeling foreign strategy.

 It's what happens in history when the wrong men rule trying to project power and respect by conversation. It's no wonder the world is now on fire when the US rolls back its power and stands by watching. Obama is to blame for the Russian assault on her neighbors. 

Who wouldn't challenge a helmet wearing bike rider, whose limp wristed pitch does nothing to scare a hungry bear.

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