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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Martial Law and a Would Be King

Joanne Moudy 

When Senator Obama told adoring fans that when he became president in 2008 he would fundamentally transform America, he wasn’t kidding. Today our country doesn’t even resemble what it was when the Chicago/Kenyan/Indonesian socialist took over. 

Oh how I yearn for the good old days when our republic was managed by three branches of government and not 

just by a tyrant with a pen and a phone. And how nice it would be to see Congress pick itself up by the bootstraps, enforce the Constitution and impeach the corrupt man who’s occupying the people’s house on Pennsylvania Avenue.

But we all know that won’t happen because President Obama is – quite frankly – black. 

Nothing else seems to matter to anyone. Not his underlying disdain for our once great American supremacy, nor his general incompetence in all things constitutional, nor his ineptitude in foreign policies. Not even his overt disregard for women, children and Christians, nor his disrespect for our military, nor all the Pinocchios he’s earned since taking office seem to mean a hill of beans. Still, you’d think someone in DC would notice Obama’s excessive and conspicuous consumption of a lavish lifestyle he’s endowed himself with at our expense. 

Sadly, no one with any political clout seems to notice Obama’s monumental failings. Or at least if they do, they sure don’t seem to care. But they should.

People often comment that we just need to hang on until 2016 when Obama will be forced to move out of the White House, taking his condescending, foodie wife with him. But I have no illusions that he intends to vacate the premises. Quite the contrary, I believe he’s planning on staying right where he is, and here’s how he’s hoping to do it.

Obama and his cronies orchestrated a massive influx of illegal, illiterate, gangster-type thugs from Central America and Mexico to enter the U.S. and then when the pawns started pouring in, our Commander-In-Chief feigned shock at the situation. Naturally, the duped, liberal media plays along, trotting out photos and stories of tiny children who purportedly walked thousands of miles to reach freedom, which of course pulls at the heartstrings of unsuspecting and caring Americans.

But it’s all a slight-of-hand trick because Obama doesn’t care one iota about any of these indigents. Quite the contrary, his entire goal was to systematically redistributed hundreds of thousands of illegal destitutes throughout the continental U.S., not for humanitarian reasons, but for the singular purpose of overwhelming states' infrastructures and syphoning critical monies from public coffers.

If Obama can use these poor foreigners to spread disease, poverty and illiteracy, then he will have succeeded in taxing our recently socialized healthcare system, welfare system and school systems into oblivion. This was a deliberate scheme on his part to destroy what’s left of our economy and deplete our public utilities and law enforcement capabilities to the max.

People can already see the toll this influx is taking on federal border patrol officers who can no longer focus on the job of patrolling the border because they’ve been re-tasked with the caretaking of illegals. Consequently, state and local law enforcement officers are filling in the void to monitor border operations, while leaving the public and citizen neighborhoods completely unprotected.

It’s only a small step to predict that families in unprotected areas will have no option but to fend for themselves, with the potential of causing vigilante groups to spring up and take on the mission of local, community law enforcement.

If this clever plan doesn’t infuriate the legal American public, nothing ever will. But if – God forbid – it does churn the public into action against the feds and illegals, I believe Obama will jump at the chance to invoke martial law and that would open the door for him to remain in office indefinitely. Because goodness knows, you can’t have a legitimate election if martial law is in force. Obama will set himself up as a temporary ruler and suspend all other governmental actions.

Governor Rick Perry did exactly what any governor worth his/her weight should do. He called up a portion of his National Guard troops and sent them to the border to assist in halting the flood of intruders. In Arizona, we’re still waiting for definitive action from Governor Jan Brewer, who shows no sign of protecting her own citizens from the unbearable onslaught of illegals.

I believe Obama set this entire scenario in motion in order to pit his corrupt, socialistic system of federal government against individual states and U.S. citizens. If states and the public must defend themselves against enemies – both foreign and domestic – a complete breakdown in our government could ensue. 

All that will be left is the coronation.

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