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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Soros pushing Obama scheme to shut down coal

'Most aggressive plan by any president ever'


A group of wealthy businessmen with ties to the Obama political machine has put out an email blast asking Americans to submit public comments to the EPA in favor of the president’s “aggressive plan to tackle climate change.”
The new EPA rules would slap strict regulations on power plants through a plan critics say would result in millions of lost jobs and force consumers to pay more for their electricity. The EPA is accepting comments from the public through Dec. 1.
Organizing for Action, funded by billionaire investor George Soros, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and other progressive rainmakers, asks recipients of the email to “Stand with the President” by submitting a public comment to the EPA before the deadline passes.
“Right now, the EPA is collecting public comments about President Obama’s Clean Power Plan,” the email says. It then provides a link tagged, “Add your name to make sure your voice is part of it – and we’ll make sure the EPA gets it.”
Organizing for Action, formed by Obama’s top political aides, has made climate change, amnesty for illegal aliens, abortion rights and gun control its top priorities since getting Soros and other wealthy businessmen to underwrite its agenda. Last year the group made a push for universal background checks on all gun purchases, reported the Los Angeles Times.
The latest email campaign cites a New York Times article that called Obama’s energy plan the “strongest action ever taken by an American president to tackle climate change. It will reduce carbon pollution from power plants 30 percent by 2030. That’s a HUGE deal.
“Of course, that means it’s also under attack from pretty much every polluter and climate change denier you can imagine,” the email continues. “The status quo works pretty well for them, after all.”
The Obama administration is taking aim at the coal industry by mandating a 30 percent cut in carbon emissions at fossil fuel-burning power plants by 2030 – despite claims the regulation will cost nearly a quarter-million jobs a year and force plants across the country to close, reported Fox News.
The EPA’s public comment period for the new rules has been extended through Dec. 1. To make a public comment click here.
The 645-page regulatory plan is expected to be finalized next year without congressional approval. It could hurt the Democrats in this November’s midterm elections, especially in coal-producing states.
The plan is a centerpiece of Obama’s climate-change agenda and a step that the administration hopes will get other countries to act when negotiations on a new international treaty resume next year.
Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center, a grassroots activist group dedicated to the promotion of free enterprise and limited government regulations over commerce and individuals, said the regulations will make electric power more expensive for businesses and families. Some factories will end up closing or moving offshore to less-regulated countries where they will find it cheaper to operate.
“They say they want to cut back on the pollution. We’ve spent over a trillion dollars to date – and that figure is at least five or six year old – on all kinds of programs for environmental cleanup, and the way these groups talk you’d think we never spent a penny,” DeWeese told WND. “And it’s never enough. We hear the constant chant that cars are causing all this pollution, when the fact is cars are cleaner and emit less pollution than ever.”
The same goes for power plants, DeWeese said.
“The truth is, it’s not about pollution. It’s about control. This is nothing but a show because they are frustrated that the facts are coming out (about global warming), and there is no truth to what they are saying.”
DeWeese points to what he believes was a very telling article in The Nation by environmental activist Naomi Klein, who works with Bill McGibbon, the head of, another Soros-funded group that holds rallies around the world in support draconian carbon regulations.
In that November 2011 article, Klein bluntly admitted that the real agenda behind global-warming alarmists is to deal a death blow to the capitalist system. She was reporting on the conservative Heartland Institute’s conference hosting climate change skeptics.
“It is true that responding to the climate threat requires strong government action at all levels. But real climate solutions are ones that steer these interventions to systematically disperse and devolve power and control to the community level, whether through community-controlled renewable energy, local organic agriculture or transit systems genuinely accountable to their users,” she wrote. “Arriving at these new systems is going to require shredding the free-market ideology. So when the Heartlanders react to evidence of human-induced climate change as if capitalism itself were coming under threat, it’s not because they are paranoid. It’s because they are paying attention.”
“That is the root of this entire fight, which is to change our entire system,” DeWeese said.
This has been the agenda coming out of the United Nations since the 1992 Earth Summit, he said.
“When you look at Agenda 21, it’s the (U.N.) agenda for the 21st century, it’s to change every system in our society,” DeWeese said. “Al Gore said we must go through a ‘wrenching transformation’ of our society, away from free enterprise, away from individual liberty and away from private property. So what’s left? It’s a top-down system of central planning where they have control over the water, they have control over transportation, they have control over education, and they have control over what’s left of industry. And she said it right there in that article about those of us who fight this change: It’s not because we’re paranoid; it’s because we’re paying attention.”
Organizing for Action, in its Wednesday email blast, then took aim at its favorite target, the billionaire Koch brothers, while not sharing the fact that they have their own billionaire backers.
“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that groups like the Koch brothers are going all out, spending millions to try to tear down the president’s plan. They recently organized rallies around the EPA’s public hearings to try to drown out the voices of ordinary Americans who support getting serious on this issue.
“There’s no telling what they have left up their sleeve,” the email concludes. “We’re fighting back the best way we know how – showing just how many Americans support the president’s Clean Power Plan. The EPA’s public comment period is a huge way to do just that.”
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who represents Kentucky, called the new EPA rules a “dagger in the heart of the American middle class” — and predicted higher power costs and less reliable energy as a result. McConnell’s general election opponent, Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, also spoke out against the plan.
The draft regulation sidesteps Congress, where Obama’s Democratic allies have failed to pass a so-called “cap-and-trade” plan to limit such emissions.
The proposal sets off a complex regulatory process in which the 50 states will each determine how to meet customized targets set by the EPA.


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