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Friday, November 21, 2014

Edotorial: Invaders 1, Citizens 0

theodore miraldi 

What do you think of Obama's Pseudo Amnesty Plan? For those who are the recipients of his Executive Pardon it sure looks goods. For those communities who will now have to live with the arrogance that will follow, hold on to your hats. Imagine, knowing that once you have stepped over another nations border you have committed an illegal act, and no-one will ever do anything about it. That's the illogical scenario spewed out by a corrupt leader who's only real care about the issue is what HE will gain politically. 

No where in his lame duck speech does Obama address the failing Communities and State Budgets these law breakers are affecting. No extra Federal cash to build schools, finance social
services, or house this now proud bunch of bandits who would prefer to live off the fat of your earning, get free housing, food, education all on the dime of a population that they have some deep seeded hatred of. I don't mean to categorize all illegals. but there are far too many who who rather
steal your nation than become part of it.

Ask anyone what and how this community of people has done to improve a community for everyone. Ever try getting a job in a Hispanic community if you don't speak language? This is a community always itching for a fight, whether there's a reason or not. All one needs to do is look at the countries they come from, all ruled by an iron fist through violence since colonization. If they haven't fixed their own nation, what can they do for us. Surely nothing in the short term, but deplete our resources at a time when those holding multiple jobs are still losing everything.

And what about jobs? How many low paying jobs are there? Many of these people are uneducated and unskilled. While our nation drops in rankings around the world in Education we import, not the
engineers, doctors, skilled workers and those with high tech know how, but the ignorant and desperate who will need generations of social and educational tutelage just to care for themselves.

The voice of reason calls out to us all to be charitable, but as the morality of scripture states, charity begins at home!

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